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Introducing iRobot® Root® coding robot. Get anyone coding.

Problem solving through coding is now as essential as math and science. The iRobot® Root® coding robot lets children as young as four learn 21st century skills while making whimsical discoveries through coding, exploring, and just being themselves.

Discover Root

Root does incredible things.

Children can code Root to draw artwork, scan colors, play music, respond to touch, light, and sound, climb whiteboard walls, and explore the fundamentals of robotics.
iRobot's Root coding robot
iRobot's Root Coding Robot

From pre-readers to high schoolers.

Coding is easy with Root's innovative level 1,2,3 coding app (available on iOS) that allows kids of any age or experience-level to start with graphical coding and level up to text-based coding.

Content that inspires.

The Root Coding App comes loaded with lessons and activities to start kids off problem solving with robots right out of the box. For advanced users and educators, additional premium content is available as a subscription.
iRobot's Root Coding Robot